RCG needed to shift gear

RCG Group, the remote control and aerial photography distributor, had a part-time bookkeeper and traditional accountant to manage its complex, high-volume of business. A combination of falling behind with accounting and scaling constraints lead company directors to seek out a new partner. The primary objective was to become automated, scalable and future-proof.

Finacta offered an all-in-one solution that was overseen by a very experienced accountant who took the burden of compliance and accuracy out of our directors' hands. With our plans scale this became the obvious solution

profilo icon David Feakins, Director RCG Group

We’ve seen strong growth over the last 5 years despite many changes and challenges within our industry. To combat the challenges, our team has had to become dynamic and fast"

profilo icon David Feakins, Director RCG Group

We helped them see success

Finacta were contracted in October 2016 to manage all bookkeeping duties from record to report, end of year accounts and tax returns. Previous labour and paper intensive purchase invoice processes were automated with AutoEntry. This enabled RCG to discard paper invoicing (saving space and time) and instead send all PDF invoices to a secure cloud portal for approval and direct interface to their accounting software.

From manual to automatic

RCG's invoicing used to be built on a system that required substantial user input. This caused unnecessary delays in producing monthly accounts. We helped them to phase this system out in favour of a custom built, fully automated daily interface from Linnworks to Sage, which uses PostTrans Importer. The new process requires zero user intervention and enables RCG to view the sales and profits of the business in near real-time.

We found Finacta whilst looking for a new bookkeeper to increase our accounting capacity. We’d previously followed the ‘traditional’ accounting model of manual data entry of invoices"

profilo icon David Feakins, Director RCG Group

Working With

We brought RCG success. We can bring you success too!

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