The sales dashboard has become a core part of our board meetings and business health checks and has been invaluable in drilling down sales data by customer, brand or product

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About RCG Group

RCG Group is one of Europe’s largest distributors of remote-controlled drone, camera equipment and gadgets. They've experienced substantial growth over the past two years, with strong relationships with market leading brands like DJI and HPI Racing. Competitive rates and high-quality customer service lead RCG to have 1500+ reviews on Trustpilot with 97% of experiences rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’. The company sells B2C through their RC GEEKS website and B2B through their Modus Brands distribution channel.

Automated daily reporting

Using powerful automation in Linnworks (RCG’s order management system) and PostTrans Importer, Sales and COGS are now interfaced to Sage on a daily basis. Finally, WEBXEL’s Sage Exporter connects Sage with a custom-built dashboard reporting suite, available to RCG by 9am every working day. This dashboard provides a visual snapshot of business performance up to the close of the prior working day, with functionality to drill down by channel, customer, order, supplier, product line and country, while seeing pricing, mix and FX impact at a granular level.

While most SMEs report high level financials (an end of month Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and perhaps a cash flow statement), much less drill down to the next layer on a regular basis, which is where insight lies to inform strategic decisions.

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Could a sales dashboard help your business?

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