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Looking for a new bookkeeper?

At Finacta, our bookkeeping services are simple, scalable and affordable for all kinds of businesses. We're proud experts in cloud-based solutions and automated accounting.

Who’s our bookkeeping service for?

Our bookkeeping services are for anyone who needs to keep digital accounting records. That means we help a broad range of Limited companies and Self Employed traders.

Compatible with all systems



How it works

  1. Once you're all set up, email your PDF invoices to AutoEntry
  2. AutoEntry will automatically scan and store them securely
  3. Access and send invoice data to your ledgers with 'one click'

What you'll get

  1. Efficient, seamless bookkeeping
  2. Complex accounting managed by a Chartered Accountant
  3. A dedicated accountant with Fixed Price fees

We're in the know about cloud accounting and automated solutions. Let's talk about you

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