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His diligence is remarkable – the feedback and quality of advice is at a very deep level, and on an extremely wide range of topics (not all strictly financial).”

profilo icon Paul Millar, Commercial, Capgemini

I always appreciated Christine's professional style, her team working spirit, and her strong commitments to the deliverables even under pressure and very changing environments. Christine has always been a detail-oriented colleague who does not lose sight of the strategic objective. She is very comfortable with information systems and enjoys bringing some innovation and challenge the status quo.

profilo icon Loic Brohard, European Head of Controlling, Sony Europe

Christine always understood what I meant very quickly, and proactive before asking the tasks. She also good at to create new process to improve the work, which makes great contribution on our business. Her attitude and communication skills are also great.

Ayaka Tadano, Senior Manager, Sony Mobile

Apart from the accounting and finance knowhow, we also appreciate the speed and flexibility in problem solving we have received from James and his colleagues. We were looking for the full ‘feel good package’ and that is exactly what we have got."

Mirella Sandrini, Director, Chemical Point Limited

sharp, collaborative and helped bring quick resolutions in a short window"

profilo icon Ketayun Irani, Vice President Business Risk Management, Capgemini

Shalini is always at the other end of an email whenever required. She is meticulous in her work and has made my life so much easier."

profilo icon Kay Ram, Director, Kay Express International

Consistently excellent work product, James’ expertise, intellect, tenacity and “can do” attitude have proved invaluable"

profilo icon Duncan Aitchison, Vice President, Capgemini

James has a rounded view of the services we offer our clients, asks the right questions and identifies the potential financial risks we may encounter"

profilo icon Vivian Lobo, Solution Architect, Capgemini

Christine’s outputs were well accepted to management requirement and it became one of standards as business controller. Her positive impacts included high quality of analysis, right amount of input, positively influences other colleagues and a quickness of action.

Shinsuke Watanabe, Finance Director Digital Imaging, Sony Europe

Christine is always ready to help with my queries. She promotes strong supports to the team’s mission and vision. She’s pragmatic, can turn visions into actual action plans. Christine is logical, very good with numbers!

profilo icon Christie Patel, Senior Marketing Manager, Sony Europe

Finacta were able to understand our business and setup custom functionality that fitted in with our needs and the business’ growth aspirations. Our key staff have spent very little time on medial accounting tasks since working with Finacta, and they’ve taken a lot of the load of our team."

profilo icon David Feakins, Director, RCG Group

Able to discuss detailed areas of financing and accounting, establishing credibility and confidence. James made a positive impact in a number of areas, but most notably in his assessment of our business case.”

profilo icon Duncan Stewart, Sales Lead, Capgemini

James has got a very good approach, he is calm, very thorough and always ensures he has all the information from the teams that he needs, thinking of areas that some managers may have overlooked, thus making for a very reliable set of information.”

profilo icon Annabelle Durand, Director, Capgemini

Always articulate and insightful, contributing some really well thought out ideas, bringing creativity and passion to the team”

profilo icon Aphra Morrison, HR Manager, Leadership Programme

Demonstrated an unequalled grasp of the project finances, built confidence in the leadership team with his deep understanding cost models"

profilo icon Phil Keyse, Director, Capgemini

The sales dashboard has become a core part of our board meetings and business health checks and has been invaluable in drilling down sales data by customer, brand, product or other variables that we’ve required.”

profilo icon David Feakins, Director, RCG Group

a seasoned finance professional and pleasure to interact with”

profilo icon Ketayun Irani, Vice President Business Risk Management, Capgemini

Since being transitioned on to Xero, I’ll start off by saying I really like how quick and easy it is to navigate around the system, I can open as many tabs of Xero as I like which is really handy. The Bank reconciliation process is nowhere near as time consuming as it used to be on Access.”

profilo icon Yasmine Upton, Accounts Lead, Gazelle Book Services

James is an intelligent character who is quick to cotton on to what is needed. He can grasp the totality of the tasks that need to be done and plans a route to bring those tasks to a successful conclusion.

profilo icon Jon Simms, Lead Solution Architect, Capgemini

Proactive in proposing the knowledge sharing sessions and willing to repeat them when I hadn’t fully understood. Appreciated!

Peter Fitzpatrick, Lead Solution Architect, Capgemini

James is great to work with as he is very calm and professional in all he does. Commercially astute as well as being a finance expert.”

Stewart Gardiner, Commercial Director, Capgemini

Provided us with a sound financial solution"

profilo icon Anthony Trowbridge, Global Sales Director, Capgemini

Diligent, collaborative, approachable and timely. Consistently provides high quality and reliable work

profilo icon Ashley Brown, Manager, Capgemini

James has a very particular way that he approaches people in a confident and relaxed manner. This immediately puts people at ease and the way he articulates his message across is very clear and to the point. I would recommend James to anyone that needs a Financial Consultant!

profilo icon Sander Rensen, Solution Architect, Capgemini

James showed tremendous personal commitment, often sacrificing personal time to accommodate asks. He ensured timely updates to the management team

profilo icon Rishi Rout, Sales Lead, Capgemini

A calm, pleasant to work with, team member, always keeping me in the loop regarding progress and issues"

Robin Nash, Manager, Capgemini

Very reactive and available

profilo icon Francois Leprise, Manager, Capgemini

Exceptional input related to handling very complex and old documents. Getting commercial outputs done within a short time frame

profilo icon George Botros, Senior Global Service Solution Manager, Capgemini